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The Importance Of Value In Sports Betting

Long-term profit is possible by betting on sports. The key to making a profit is obtaining value. If asked for one piece advice, I would tell you to only participate in a market if the price is favorable.

If you are a professional sportsbettor, you need to constantly be looking for value. There are odds compilers at the bookies whose job is to price up the market and to calculate the “overround”, the percentage profit the bookmaker expects on each market.

Although they are generally competent, they don’t always do it right. We professionals need to be able to recognize when someone is doing it wrong and get our money back 출금거절.

What Does Value Mean in Betting Markets, Anyway?

A value bet is, in betting terms, an opportunity to wager on an outcome where the odds are higher than the outcome’s true likelihood of occurring.

The tossing a coin is a simple example. If you convert decimal betting odds to probability, the true probability of this happening is 50%. This equals 2.0. A value bet would be one that has odds higher than 2.0.

This is clearly a simplified example. First of all, nobody ever runs a book on tossing a coin. Secondly, because this is an easy market to price up, it’s highly unlikely that he would commit such an error. This does give an example of the concept.

How to Profitably Use Value Betting

When the odds favor us, we can effectively tip the balance in favour of the bookies. We will enjoy a positive margin of profit due to the fact that the odds are in our favor. Although we won’t win every bet over, we will make a profit over the long-term.

The problem with betting is that many people are too lazy or inept to find the best odds. Too often, people accept the price their regular bookie charges them. They don’t want to open an account at one of their competitors.

This is no longer an option. This is what I mean. Would you pay PS1000 to buy a TV? If you could get the exact same model and make for PS800, would you? It’s not possible, but by failing to shop around and finding the best odds of winning a bet, you’re actually wasting your money.

How to find value odds

Online betting allows us the freedom to have accounts with as many different bookies as we like, all funded through the same card. If you have accounts at all the major bookies, you will always be able shop around to find the best price.

Bookies and punters can often be caught in a delicate line between success, failure, and success. The best possible price is what will make the difference between long-term success and failure.

If you are serious about making money with betting, then you must open accounts with as many online bookies as possible. This is where a free betting website can be a huge help. It lists all the top online bookmakers and allows you to place a bet. This is great for creating a betting bank.


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